Friday, January 24, 2020

Party for Baby Girl

This afternoon I came home from JV Winter Academy to a house being prepared for a party!

Claire and my daughter-in-law, Lara, along with Claire's roommate, Pavla, were in the midst of preparing all sorts of wonderful food and decorations to celebrate a certain little somebody who is on her way into our family!

They put on a beautiful baby shower for Caleb and Haley's daughter coming in February!

They invited friends and family to come celebrate her coming arrival.

Amazingly, there were people there from all parts of their lives: Haley and Caleb's family, friends from childhood, youth group and church here in Frydlant, a friend from their church in Colorado who is living in a nearby town, and Caleb's high school friend, Pavel and his wife, Kristen, who live in Chicago but are here visiting his family in a nearby town!

It was such a special gathering of people who love and care about Caleb, Haley and their growing family!

Baby showers are not common here in Czech, though sometimes occur after the baby has arrived with close family members only. So it was the sweetest afternoon watching them be loved on through their gifts and wishes, before this sweet little girl arrives.

Haley's mom and dad serve with JV in Slovakia, and were here all week for Winter Academy; the three of us grandparents here (Dave was on his way to Germany to speak at a conference) had the joy of praying over baby girl during the shower.

And I'm so glad we remembered to get a picture of everyone who came to share in their joy!

Thanks Tyler for being the photographer! 

And this shower wouldn't have happened without the thought, love and care put into planning and executing it!

Claire, Pavla (Claire's roommate) and Lara put this whole party on for Caleb, Haley and baby girl!

The due date for baby girl is February 22nd, and she will be born here in Czech. Once the "all clear" is given, the four of them will return to Albania to continue their ministry there.

What a joy to have them here for this time, getting to celebrate the good gift of God who is on her way!

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