Saturday, January 18, 2020

Freshly Squeezed

For Christmas I gave Dave an unusual gift this year.

I adopted an orange tree in Spain for him through something called CrowdFarming!

According to their website, CrowdFarming® is a "new, transparent and sustainable way to source food: adopt a tree, an animal or part of a garden, and receive fresh food cultivated just for you straight from the farmers and help fight food waste."

Our first box of oranges from our "Patty family orange tree" arrived this week directly from Spain.

I started reading about CrowdFarming a few months ago and was so intrigued by it. You get to be part of sustainable farming by investing in small family farms from around the world: Spain, France, Italy, Columbia, Austria, Germany, Hungary and even the Philippines (that one is for a chocolate farm!).

By using this method you're introduced to your farmer and get to buy directly from him/her. It helps them to generate funds and provide jobs in rural areas, as well as helps them plan ahead and avoid overproduction and fight food waste. I like that!

And I loved introducing the goodness of fresh squeezed orange juice to our grandsons today!

Each of them took turns making their cup of juice with me this morning, but I only remembered to have pictures taken when it was Charlie's turn!

He helped me pull the lever down on the orange half and let the juicer do its work as all the goodness dripped into the bowl, which was then transferred to a cup.

Those boys wanted more than one cup (and got it!), that's for sure. They loved every last drop of that orange goodness in a cup.

Over the next few months, we'll get a few more boxes from "our Patty family tree" in Spain. What a fun way to continue helping our little guys learn about where food comes from, and how nice it is to have it fresh!

And by the way, oranges have been one of Dave's favorite snacks since he was a boy. So it's a huge treat for him too to enjoy fresh ones!

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