Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Prayer Hours for 2019

After all day in bed yesterday with a virus I picked up on Saturday, I prayerfully got up and dressed today so I could be at a meeting.

No, not one that I had to travel for, but one right in my own living room!

Once a quarter Dave hosts a webinar for all of our JV staff where he teaches something from the Word, and then "visits" with JV staff from all over Central and Eastern Europe through Zoom.

My makeshift office was at the piano for a desk, with my computer sitting on piled up music books, and this sunny view while I listened in.

Why I prayerfully got up was because today I was one of the panelists for the webinar (and why I needed to be in a sunny spot!).

Though my voice sounded raspy and I was lower on energy than normal, the Lord gave me strength to give an update to our staff on what's happening in our online JV Prayer Room.

I issued this year's challenge, which is to continue with a prayer hour in the Prayer Room twice a month, 24x in a year for each of our staff, and to ask each family unit or unmarried person to submit at least one prayer request a month to keep the PR fresh with up to date requests.

And finally, I gave them the tally from the hours prayed in 2019! Not only did we pray the equivalent of 24/7 for 365 days a year, but 1454 MORE, for a total of 10,214 hours last year!!

That was an increase of an extra 60 days, 24 hours a day, of prayer for the movement of God across Central and Eastern Europe!!

To any of you who might have joined us in prayer for God's work among the youth of this region, THANK YOU!!

If you have yet to join us, I guarantee it will be the most precious hour of your day, maybe even of your week, spent with the Lord! The Prayer Room is not just about requests, but about cultivating and enjoying your own relationship with God.

So if you want to invest in that relationship in a unique and meaningful way, come in and sign up for an hour in advance, or come in and just hit the "Pray Now"  button!

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