Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Grateful for Family

The girls and I came back from our sledding trip at Bílá while the guys stayed there to ski and snowboard. While I know they had a great time, we also had an awesome afternoon at home while the boys napped!

Thank you Claire for making us the best hot chocolate with your new shaker!

Of course I'm always happy when the boys are awake too...they are at such fun ages these days!

These are my two "Pickle Boys" - they will just keep eating however many I give them!

After dinner we played a rousing game of "You-hoo" for a very long time.

Yes, in Caleb's closet he has a Bush/Cheney campaign poster from 2004! 😂

Don't know what "You-hoo" is?? It's our made up game of "Hide and Seek"! Whoever is hiding calls out "You-hoo!!" when they're hidden and continues to until they're found! The boys and I hid in the closet while Caleb "looked" for us! 😂 😂 😂

One last bath altogether at Papa and Nonnie's house took place tonight, complete with Papa the Rapper and Nonnie the songwriter...yes, we have a special bath-time song that we co-wrote a while ago that absolutely MUST be sung at least once a visit!

There doesn't seem to be one set place for reading books before can happen anywhere, even right in the hallway! 

But wherever it happens, it's just the best holding those little guys and reading aloud to them!

The days have gone by quickly for our family Christmas, but each one has been so sweet and meaningful. It's an unbelievable privilege to have our kids all living on this side of the ocean, making it easier to have these kinds of family reunions.

I am one very grateful wife, mom and Nonnie to this family mine! ❤️

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