Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Year's Day at Bílá

What better way to start the New Year than up in the mountains enjoying fresh air and snow!

Someday we'll probably be coming up here to ski with these little guys, but for now...we're heading to the sledding hill!

Claire's a champ, coming with us when she's not feeling good today; and Haley is brave to be here in her seventh month of pregnancy with their little girl!

So they'll hang out in one of the restaurants up here, while the rest of us will climb the hill and sled.

Ski Resort Bílá is just thirty minutes from our house; but it feels like you're a world away!

We didn't climb the ski hill, but instead took a right turn and headed up the road that works well as a sledding hill.

And then the fun began!

Up and down, up and down they went! I timed it and I think it took them 45 seconds to go down and nearly 2 minutes to walk up. That's a lot of walking for little people, but they did it!

Lara joined them on one of the runs down the hill...

And even I got to take a turn with Dave!

It was such a perfect afternoon, doing the simple joys of life with people I love!

And surprise, surprise ... even though it doesn't say anything about it on their website, our favorite Faency Fries restaurant is here! So lunch was awesome!

A kind stranger snapped a family pic for us that will probably be one of my all time favorites!!**

**At least until we take another one! 😂

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