Friday, January 10, 2020

Mandatory Rest

Twenty three blog posts written in the past two days...whew! I'm caught up on life!

From December 21st until yesterday I didn't blog because I was living in the moment, enjoying family, friends and the celebration of Jesus' birth.

But blogging is my way of processing life, remembering the joys, working through the difficulties and just keeping track of our full and rich lives. So I always get back to it...even if it takes me a while to do so!

The fact that I've been sick since Saturday (with "only" a cold...but one that has zapped me hard) has given my body time to catch up to all that's gone on these past weeks, and to spend extra time in prayer as I always do when I'm sick.

A friend who knew that wrote me today saying, "...God seems to require mandatory rest for you at times and I know how powerful those times are for prayer, although not easy." So true! Thank you friend, for knowing me well. That was encouraging to be reminded of.

We're still in the midst of a very mild January, with no snow in the forecast any time soon. But it's been absolutely beautiful outside as I've watched sunrises and sunsets from inside (and on occasion when I've ventured out to take a photo, like today).

There is so much to be thankful for these days, even for being made to "lie down in green pastures and lead beside quiet waters."

He is refreshing my soul.

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