Thursday, January 23, 2020

Coaching at Winter Academy

What a blessing it's been to come up to Malenovice every day this week for JV Winter Academy!

Today we're putting together all that we've learned and are entering into coaching with each other, using the tools that we've been given by Dave, and our other teachers.

Amy is one of my teammates on the iTeam, the group that works from Frydlant to serve the whole Josiah Venture team. We chose each other to coach, and spent not only our hour and a half slot coaching, but the break as well (and could have kept going for much longer I'm sure!).

After another good session with the whole group, we went outside onto the terrace to get a group photo on this incredibly beautiful snowy-white day.

Dave and I are so proud of these teammates, and all of the rest who are back in their countries serving!

Who would ever have imagined that we would grow from just two couples when we first moved in 1993, to a team of 350 today who are part of God's movement, making disciples all across Central and Eastern Europe!

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