Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Back to Traveling

This morning found me over the border in Poland, visiting someone.

My hairdresser! 😂

Which look is better?!

Coming to see her is seriously a highlight! I've been going to her for more than nine years now, and every time I'm here I leave with a smile on my face. She's such a dear!

My view when I walk out of her shop

When I returned home, I had just a few hours to finish up laundry, cleaning and packing back up again.

Home for less than 48 hours, Dave and I are back to traveling!

We headed to Prague by train where we're spending the night, and tomorrow we'll catch our first of three flights headed to the States for another wedding!

Dave is doing the ceremony, and I get to play piano for my friend, Amy, who will be singing.

More on the details of that to come! For now, I'm off to bed as it will be an early morning, and a long day before we arrive in Indiana!

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