Thursday, September 6, 2018

Indiana Arrival

Our morning in Prague began with a spectacular sunrise.

As we walked out to catch the bus to the airport, I happened to turn around and see this. WOW!

In the Lord's kindness, our day of travel was smooth and uneventful. After flying out of Prague to Vienna, we then crossed the Atlantic and landed in Chicago.

Taking off at sunset for our last flight of the day, this spectacular sight appeared out of my window. No edits...just those purples and oranges that God created to highlight Lake Michigan!

Landing at 9 PM in Fort Wayne, Indiana, we picked up our rental car and made the 45 minute trip to the home we'll be staying in this week-end. Why?

To be here for this precious friend's wedding this week-end!

The bride was supposed to be sleeping, but got up to welcome us when we arrived!

We've known and loved Laurie for nearly twenty years, and walked a lot of life's journey with her. And now we get to share in one of the greatest events of her life...her marriage!

Arriving at Laurie's parent's house in Auburn, IN tonight, we were greeted by friends from South Africa who also flew in for the wedding. Andrew stands next to Dave, and his dear wife, Ali, thoughtfully took this picture before Dave and I collapsed into bed after a 24 hour day!

Tomorrow the festivities begin and we are SO very happy to be here for them!

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