Sunday, September 16, 2018

Thank you Michelle!

All things considered, it didn't take too long to get this package that was being held hostage in Prague! (see here for what I'm talking about!)

I picked up the package yesterday, a birthday present from my dear friend Michelle in Oregon. It got held up in customs, but not for the amount of its worth (which is another thing), but for its weight! I found out that any package over 2 kg (4.4 pounds) has to go through customs. Since I've now signed an official document saying that I always want my packages delivered to me, hopefully they won't get held up again!

I did have to pay something for customs so note to anyone out there thinking of sending a package to a missionary in Europe (and I'm not just talking about me!)...make sure that the value is under $50.

But it was, of course, all totally worth it to get the package!

My favorite Creme Brûlée coffee beans from Portland, Oregon were in there, along with dear cards from her and her mom.

And a summer dress that I'll love taking out next year!

"Michelle, you spoil me! Thanks for loving on me (especially when you'd already given me birthday presents in July!) and going the extra mile to express that love to me. You're my treasured BFF!!"

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  1. Oh Con....these pictures are even more fun to see (in addition to what you already sent me!) and you can thank Claire for capturing all your emotion in it. And now that we both know the LONG delay in getting the box to you, we've all got clarity going forward. I'm so glad you included it here so others can know to always write that the amount is under $50! It makes my heart happy to give you treats that celebrate YOU and remind you how valued and special you me! Love you so much!!!