Saturday, September 15, 2018

Connecting Our Worlds

Just a few minute's drive from our home, in the village of Malenovice, is a local restaurant that we love to take people to.

Six years ago the original pub in the village was torn down and this one was built to take its place.

And tonight it was our privilege to take our dear friend, Mary, there for dinner!

We met her and her husband at Gull Lake Ministries in Michigan, where Dave has been speaking over the past ten years, and where both Caleb and Claire worked during the summer during their college years.

Her husband has business in this part of the world, so she came with him this time to see us, visit some of our JV team in Slovakia and Poland, and to see if God would have them join our "A-Team", a unique opportunity for people to serve our team as "ambassadors" for JV.

What a delight to spend the evening with her and connect our two worlds together!

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