Thursday, September 27, 2018

Dearest of Visitors

In the midst of JV fall conference, some very dear guests visited Claire's home today.

I have known Karla and her family for almost thirty years! We met during Dave's year of master's study at Wheaton College. She and her husband were newly married then, and didn't have children yet. Now here she is visiting for fall conference with not only her children and their spouses, but with her sweet five month old grandson!

They all came over to Claire's this afternoon to see her home and hear about her ministry with JV Kids.

It was one of those surreal moments to be with them here - who ever could have guessed that when we met all those years ago, our lives would stay intertwined, so much so that they'd be visiting us for our 25th anniversary of JV, and coming to Claire's home! I still remember the day we were visiting them when Claire was just a little girl and fell on their steps and needed stitches on her forehead!

She and they have come a long ways since then!

"Thank you dear ones for coming to see us, and sharing our lives and ministries all these years!"

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