Sunday, September 16, 2018

Happy Birthday Dave

Today is my dear Dave's 57th birthday!!! 🎂 🎈 🎉 🎁 🙌 😍

We met up in Ostrava at Starbucks with Claire...

I was trying to be sneaky and take a photo without them knowing...but I don't think I succeeded! 

And then with Judah and his family!

While they all went to get seats at a restaurant where we were going to celebrate Dave's birthday, Judah and I had some important business to take care of.

He brought his "Dyno" along to shop!

While I was taking care of him and Asher this week, we talked about Papa's birthday and what to get him. Judah thought about it for a moment and said, "Me get Papa dump truck!"

So we were in search of the perfect dump truck to give Papa for his birthday!

I can tell you that Judah is a very discerning shopper, and not just any dump truck will do for Papa. I showed him many possibilities and he had definite opinions about what he was looking for.

Thankfully, he finally found the right thing, along with a bag to put it in that he thought would be great for Papa.

He was so proud to carry the bag for Papa, from the toy store to the restaurant.

And of course, he wanted to give his gift to Papa right away!

After all that searching, he hadn't chosen a dump truck, but rather a TOW truck!! No explanation - just an intuitive decision made by a grandson for his Papa!

Then he had to show the other thing he'd picked out.

When I asked Judah what I should give to Papa, he quickly replied, "A race car!"

Knowing that Papa didn't really need the race car, I suggested in the store that Papa could have the tow truck, and it would stay at Papa's house. But that Judah could have the race car and that would stay at his house. He readily agreed!

But what I loved while shopping with him was that he never once asked for anything! It was all about Papa!

We all had a nice lunch together, giving gifts and gifts of words to Dave for his birthday.

"I love who you are Dave! I love how God put you together, and how you use all the parts of yourself to serve Him, and bless us. You are an amazingly kind, humble, strong and godly man. Those of us who get to live life up close to you are constantly blessed by you!! May this coming year be full of richness in life with the One you love so much, and with all the rest of us who love you! You're my favorite!!!"

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  1. Happy belated birthday to you DAVE. May God continue to bless and protect you and your family blessed hugs Blessings