Sunday, September 9, 2018

Post Wedding Morning

Not only did our friend Laurie's parents host hers and Daniel's wedding at their home yesterday, but they hosted a brunch this morning for many of us who came from out of town, out of country! 

Ali and I with Brenda, Laurie's mom

Ali was Laurie's maid of honor yesterday. She is South African, and one of Laurie's treasured friends there - someone that she will get to go through life with now that she'll be living there as Daniel's wife!

Ali and I already knew each other, and share a kindred spirit as well. But how precious it was to connect throughout the week-end, serving and loving Laurie, our mutual friend, and enjoying each other too!

The brunch was casual this morning, with people able to share relaxed conversation over a wonderful meal.

Or in the case of the nieces and nephews...share news!

Laurie's younger sister is pregnant, and let her son (the one with his hands behind his head!) share the news with his cousins that his mom will be having a GIRL to add to the Doden grandchildren clan!

The newlyweds arrived to share brunch with us as well!

While they certainly had the right to take off on their honeymoon last night, they chose instead to love their family and friends by spending this day with them. What a generous couple, already serving and loving others together.

They made time for personal conversations with so many of us.

Giving us just a few more minutes together of precious connection.

Finally it came time for Dave and I to take off for the airport to head for home.

It's not like we'll never see each other again...but oh how sweet the hugs were as we said goodbye to Laurie.

The three of us have been through so much together over the past twenty years. And we have so many pictures like this where it's just the three of us.

But from this point on, I am SO glad that Daniel will join us in friendship and pictures!

"Daniel and Laurie, we are so looking forward to many, many more years of friendship as two couples who love the Lord and each other!! Blessings on you as you begin this first full day of the rest of your lives together as husband and wife!"

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