Sunday, September 23, 2018

Here We Go!

This evening I was in Ostrava, running errands for JV fall conference and beginning the pick-ups of people who are coming in for it. 

Where else to take my friends Mike and Kelly for a quick bite to eat than McDonalds?!

By tomorrow night this time we will have started our conference, with 400 people from 16 Central and Eastern European countries!

This year our theme is "Good News: Hope-filled Answers for the I-generation" 

We'll be studying and talking about truly significant topics for our world today—gender, sexuality, morality, and religion. 

God has good news for this generation about these topics, but they don’t always think it’s good news. We want to make sure we’re delivering his news his way on these important topics.
I hope to capture some of that Good News here on my blog throughout the week so stay tuned!

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