Tuesday, September 11, 2018

New Life Beginning for Caleb and Haley

Yesterday and today are very significant days in our family!

Caleb, Haley and Charlie left from Denver, Colorado yesterday, headed to Vlorë, Albania to begin serving with Josiah Venture.

They were commissioned as missionaries to Albania on Sunday at Mountain View Community Church, their church in Fort Collins.

Yesterday morning they were driven to the airport by Kevin and Susan Wolfe, their dear friends and one of the pastors at the church.

Dave's mom and dad, Caleb's Grandpa and Nana, also came to the airport to see them off.

I'm relying on photos I took screenshots of from Caleb's update letter - sorry this one is a bit blurry!

Nearly sixty five ago, Dave's dad left the US to go and serve as a missionary in the Philippines. His mom joined him a few years later as they married and began their missionary life that continues to this day. Can you imagine their joy at having sent off their grandson and his family to do the same?!

This afternoon Caleb, Haley and Charlie stepped off the plane in Tirana, the capital of Albania. Their JV country leader, Juljan met them there and posted these photos on Facebook!!

Today begins a brand new story in the book that God is writing through their lives! May their be much spiritual fruit as a result of their obedience to follow His calling there.

They'll travel two and a half hours south to Vlorë, where they will begin their life and ministry as of today!

We are praising God for his pursuit of them that led to salvation when they were children!

We praise Him for His leading in their lives to Moody Bible Institute to prepare them for service!

We praise Him for bringing them together in marriage four and a half years ago!

We praise Him for leading them to Fort Collins and to Mountain View Church who has loved, cared for and sent them as missionaries!

We praise Him for dear Charlie joining their family a year ago!

And we praise Him for all His grace, love, and provision that has led to this moment and this day when they set foot in their new country and home, Vlorë, Albania!!

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