Monday, September 24, 2018

First Day Ever

History happened at our house today!!

For the first time ever, I got to have all three of our grandsons together at our house!

They met each other in Colorado a little over a year ago, the day after Charlie was born, and just ten weeks after Asher was born. And they were only together for about an hour that day.

But they haven't all been here at the same time. So today when Charlie and Haley arrived from visiting her parents in Bratislava, it was a big occasion!

It was infinitely sweet to watch the cousins interact for the first time as little people who know what's going on!

Because they're so young, they'll never remember that they didn't always know each other. But it was sweet to watch them "meet" today at Papa and Nonnie's house!

Judah was excited to bring Charlie upstairs to "show him the ropes" here! The ball pit was a huge success for everyone.

There were lots of smiles and hugs happening up here this afternoon!

And it's so sweet to have Haley here now too.

How surreal for Caleb to back in his childhood bedroom with his wife, son, nephews and sister-in-law!

Judah and Asher had a birthday gift for Charlie that Judah picked out. What is more appropriate than a Star Wars lightsaber to initiate their cousinhood?!

Uncle Tyler stopped by for a few minutes to meet Charlie before having to be back at Malenovice for a meeting prior to the first evening program of JV Fall conference, which starts tonight.

Lara, Haley and the boys are all staying here at our house during conference, with tonight being their first night all together for dinner.

And the first time I've sat at my table with these three precious little guys!

I'm sure there will be many meals around this table with all of us for years to come.

But it's something really special to mark this first day ever of having them all here!

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  1. I am giddy with joy at this post!!!! I LOVE seeing you with your three grandsons all together. This is beyond amazing to see your kids and grandkids ministering side by side and connecting all at the same time. :o)