Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Still Making Disciples

JV Fall Conference is our largest training conference of the year, bringing together those who are serving in JV across 14 countries, along with those we are discipling, mentoring and leading in youth ministry.

Just a third of those attending this year's fall conference

With 400 participants this year, we were divided up into three groups and met in the mornings in three different locations for teaching. We simply don't fit in one location anymore!

Our theme this year is “Good News – Hope-filled Answers for the iGeneration”. We are tackling key contemporary issues that youth leaders across the region are facing, and being equipped with powerful biblical responses in the areas of gender, morality and cultural religion. 

Afternoons will be spent in workshops taught by various members of the team, while evenings will find us all together down at our cultural house in Frydlant - it's the only location in our area where we can all be together. 

Before workshops this afternoon, I got to sit in on a special session of sharing.

Twenty two years ago here in the Czech Republic, Dave started a year long internship program that met in our garage! It outgrew that space and moved up to Malenovice in 2002, with many working alongside him over the years to teach, mentor, coach and disciple young leaders.

He handed over leadership of this program many years ago, but it has continued to be a stand out part of the ministry here, training up many young leaders who serve across the country today.

This afternoon, all of those who are here at conference and have participated, or are participating this year in that program, came together to share with our dear friends who have supported the program all these years. It was such a powerful time, hearing their testimonies of how God used their internships to shape and develop them into the leaders they are today.

And the cool thing? Our son, Tyler, has now taken over leadership for it! He's leading this year's group through an intense nine month program where they are trained in theology, discipleship and practical ministry skills.

Eighteen years ago, Bogdan (below with Tyler) was part of this internship program, and gained a heart for young people that year. He discipled both Tyler and Caleb during their high school years as their youth pastor, and today is serving in our EXIT Tour ministry.

To see them together, both serving in KAM (our Czech organization) was so meaningful today! The heart of our ministry is expressed in that picture...disciples making disciples. They've both done it, and are still making disciples today!

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