Friday, September 28, 2018

Goodbyes and Hellos

When JV Fall conference ended this afternoon, I came home to get ready for a trip with our JV  members who have been here for the conference.

Happily, I came home to find my friend Amy here with Charlie - she is also his grandma!

She and her husband Mark, Charlie's other grandpa, stopped by to say goodbye to Caleb, Haley and Charlie before heading home to Slovakia where they live and serve with JV.

I'm so glad I was here to get their picture all together!

Sadly I had to say goodbye to them too, as well as Tyler, Lara and their boys.

I quickly packed my bags and headed in the car to Poland.

Meanwhile, Dave was in a bus going with all of our JV board members to visit H20, our other JV facility in Poland. And then they continued on to Krakow where we all met up this evening.

We are spending the night here before getting on a train tomorrow to head to Ukraine to visit our team there and see the ministry.

We had a fantastic dinner with everyone, including some of our JV executive team who are on this trip as well.

Afterward we walked into the old city of Krakow to let them enjoy its beauty.

And then headed back to our hotel so we can get a good night's sleep before a long day of travel tomorrow.

Good night Krakow!

PS. The reason I drove our car is that Dave is not returning from Ukraine at the same time as me, so needed a way to get home once he returns to Krakow! We'll leave it here in Krakow for these days.

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