Friday, September 14, 2018

Down the Road

This boy gets up EARLY!!

This is breakfast at 6:40, after we've already been awake since 5:40!! I did manage to keep him in bed with Papa and I until 6:20 but then I got the "Me done sleepin'" message from Judah and we headed downstairs.

The funny part about this photo is he's having toast with honey...Croatian honey! I let him taste test a Czech and Croatian honey, and he chose Croatian. I thought it was cute that he had a preference!

Little brother "slept in" until 7 and was a cheery bundle of joy in the morning.

He thinks it's funny to climb into Kaylee's dog bed!

Kaylee is major entertainment around here, so off we went for another walk before his morning nap (I think it was our 7th walk since they'd arrived on Wednesday!).

While Judah was ahead of us on the road already, I turned around to see how far along Asher was and there he stood, looking so big and cute!

I think I need a picture of him every year like this to watch him grow up.

Love these little guys so much!

Asher was getting his turn at holding the leash (they're really good at it! And Kaylee is patient with the slower pace she has to go at when they're holding her) when all of sudden Judah cried out to me.

"Nonnie! Rain comin'!!" And sure enough...though I hadn't felt it before, all of a sudden, I felt the drops falling. He improvised and covered his hand with a homemade umbrella as we made our way back to the house! 🤣

Good thing we weren't far away!

The rest of the afternoon we spent in good imaginative play.

Can you tell that's an elephant with Mrs Noah riding on its back?! 🤣

Claire, who has barely recovered from the flu she caught from the boys, came over in the evening to help me get them ready to head back to their home in Ostrava.

With Tyler and Lara arriving into Prague late this afternoon, and taking the train home later tonight, we all thought it best that the boys go to bed at home so they can wake up to mommy and daddy in the morning.

While Claire got their bath ready for them, Judah tucked into a little snack before bedtime. He knew right where to find the dried cranberries back at home!

It's been a sweet three days with the boys, invaluable time investing in them and enjoying these early days of their life.

After putting them to bed (and honestly feeling a little sad that I wouldn't be seeing them in the morning...though who I am kidding? Getting to sleep in tomorrow will be wonderful...thanks Tyler and Lara for being such troopers at parenting kids who get up early!)...Claire and I hung out at their home until they arrived at 11:15.

They had a great time in England at For Mission, the organization JV is partnering with to bring theological education to the Czech Republic, a university degree program that Tyler will be directing next fall!

I'm so thankful to the Lord for all these touches with them and their boys. What joy to have them just "down the road" so to speak, in Ostrava!

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