Sunday, September 2, 2018

Pot of Gold

After driving through hours of an incredible lightening and thunder storm as we made our way up through Croatia, we stopped at a rest area for the night and slept in our boat.

We woke up to very different weather than we left on Hvar yesterday! 

But there's something peaceful and settling about making the transition out of summer to the more fall-feeling weather back home, so it made for a most enjoyable drive back.

However we weren't going all the way home. Instead, we drove through Slovakia towards the city of Žilina, so that Dave could be at meetings there tomorrow with the leadership team for JV Slovakia.

As we neared, it started raining here too like it had driving up through Croatia.

I told Dave that's maybe the first time I've ever seen a rainbow go all the way to the ground. Should we have followed it to find the pot of gold?! 🤣

The rainbow got even better when it became a double one! At one point we could see both rainbows all the way to the edges, though I wasn't able to get a picture of that.

Do you see that hint of part of the double rainbow here though?

We'll spend the night nearby, and tomorrow Dave can have his meetings...albeit, without that pot of gold! 😉

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