Friday, September 28, 2018

Beautiful Feet

For our final session of JV Fall Conference this year, we met back in the tent at Malenovice this morning. 

After a hearty round of thank you's to all those who served to make this conference happen (over 100 people out of the 400 attending had some level of responsibility!), and last words from Rob Trenckmann who serves as the director of Fall conference, one final skit was presented.

This year a group of Slovaks from our JV team in Slovakia, prepared absolutely brilliant skits to illustrate various points about our theme: Good News: Hope Filled Answers for the iGeneration.

And this morning's was the best of all.

I can't do a five or six minute skit justice by explaining it, because every word counted and was delivered flawlessly. But the essence was that these two were watching movies of their life spent on earth, from heaven. One had lived a full meaningful life, making a difference by spreading the Good News of the Gospel. The other one had lived a life for herself.

While they were both in heaven at the end of their lives, the one who'd lived for herself realized the sadness of having not invested into God's work, and that there is no going back and doing it over once your life is done.

I don't know about anyone else, but I was crying - not just a few tears in my eyes, but really crying - by the end. Everything in my heart was crying out, "Let me live the kind of life that makes a difference for God's glory - one that will be so meaningful, rich and fun to look back on when I'm in heaven someday, not sad because it wasn't lived for Him and His purposes".

Then Dave came to the front for his final message.

When he started the morning he looked like the above picture. But during the prayer just before he came up, he changed and came up like this!

Why? Because he wanted to talk about being people who bring the Good News.

"As it is written: How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!"

He had everyone write down names of those they wanted to have "Good News" conversations with, and ended by saying, "Let's make this a year of beautiful feet!"

We ended in one final chorus, singing an old worship song from Isaiah 52:7, "Our God Reigns" - because that is the passage that talks about being people with feet who bring GOOD NEWS!!

May it be so! May this coming year be filled with many more Good News conversations so that many will come to know our great God, who loves them and has come to save.

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