Thursday, September 20, 2018

Where in the World is Dave?

I haven't written an episode of "Where in the World is Dave?" in a while, mostly because I'm usually with him these days.

But in the case of the past few days, we were apart because he was here!

Have you ever heard of Linköping?

It's a city in southern Sweden with a population of over 150,000! And yet, Dave said their airport is the smallest one he's ever been to!

He was invited to speak at a gathering for all the heads of the evangelical denominations in Sweden. 45 were present for this gathering of people who are concerned about the decline of the evangelical population in this country.

I have no idea what this chart says! But it was the only other picture Dave took while there.

They told him that on average an evangelical church is closing every week, and a new evangelical church is only being planted every three weeks.

He shared some of the things he's been studying over these past 25 years of living and ministering across Central and Eastern Europe, biblical truths and practical application for fanning into flame a movement of God.

Though Sweden is not in our targeted region of the world, we care about God's work getting done all across Europe. So it was a privilege for Dave to teach and be an encouragement to them.

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