Saturday, September 22, 2018

Blink of an Eye

It's been six and a half years since Caleb left home to go to the States for college at Moody Bible Institute. On one hand it feels like twice as long since he's been gone, and on the other hand, like just a blink of the eye.

Especially seeing him out on the patio this afternoon!

He took the train here from Ostrava after spending the night with Tyler and his family. He's got JV camp meetings the rest of today and tomorrow that he needed to be back for tonight at Malenovice.

But for a few hours, he got to just hang out on the porch and prepare a sermon he's preaching at Tyler's church tomorrow.

And be bugged by Kaylee...just like old times!

I happened to be in the kitchen tonight when he came back after the camp meetings. It was like déjà vu seeing him come home through the kitchen door, just like he used to all those years ago.

And then when he put together a new crib for Charlie to sleep in here at our house, I remember that he's all grown up, is a husband and a dad, and a JV missionary!

I blinked my eyes and six years passed by in a flash!

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