Sunday, June 23, 2019

Afternoon in Athens

Dave and I just returned from the States yesterday afternoon, and today are off on another adventure - this time, with Claire included too!

Our dear friends from Wyoming, who have been a tremendous encouragement and support to us over the years, asked us to join them, and the staff from their classical school, on an early church history study tour in Greece and Turkey.

Dave will be teaching many times over the next twelve days as we journey to these new places together, learning on location from the New Testament across these countries.

We arrived in Athens this afternoon, found our hotel and then wandered in the city that we haven't been to since 2003.

Back then we were traveling by car with our vacation family buddies, the Ellenwood's and Hash's! Most of what we remember from Athens was the 109 degrees (42.7 C) that it was up at the acropolis (seen below in the distance, at the end of that street!). 🥵

Thankfully temperatures are much more pleasant today.

Claire was just 12 years old back then so it's really special to be with her here as our adult daughter now!

The group from Wyoming arrives tomorrow afternoon, so today we had time to see a bit of the city and start getting over jet lag.

Thankfully Claire is an excellent navigator (and she'd be the first one to tell you that Google Maps is her good friend!) so found us a great place to eat lunch and get coffee!

We're tucked away in our hotel tonight, and praying for a good night's sleep so we're all fresh tomorrow when this tour begins.

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