Monday, June 3, 2019

Celebrating Early with Charlie

Look who came to our house today!

At noon today, Haley and Charlie arrived from Bratislava, Slovakia where they've been spending time with Haley's parents while Caleb has been on the Amazing Race and at JV intern training. Haley and Charlie get to be here at our house now for two nights before heading back to Albania when intern training is finished.

When I found out they would get to be here for a few days, I asked if we could have a family birthday party for Charlie, even though his birthday isn't until August.

So Caleb came down from Malenovice, Tyler and Lara came with the boys, and Papa and Claire came up from the office to be here for a few hours of celebration!

The three cousins were so happy to be together again, running barefoot out in the yard, and building towers with blocks inside.

These Patty boys like being together too!

Gifts were happily given to celebrate Charlie's upcoming 2 year old birthday.

And then it was time for birthday cupcakes!

We packed a lot in during the two hours we had to be with each other, including pictures!

Claire brought her camera so was able to get this epic photo that just might go down in history as one of our all time favorites!

And then using a chair as a tripod in our backyard, she captured this beautiful family photo too.

Thank you Claire for taking those photos!

Charlie, I'm so glad you could come to Papa and Nonnie's house so we could celebrate you all together!

We love who God made you to be: inquisitive, charming, generous, enjoyable, talkative and oh so sweet! I'm glad we get to enjoy you for a couple days!!

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