Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Dinner on Top

This evening everyone on our study tour was on their own for dinner; thankfully Dave did a little sleuthing and found a good one to go to!

We didn't make reservations, so when we arrived and saw all the tables were either full or reserved, it looked like we'd have to go somewhere else.

And then...I'm not even sure how it happened. I think the waiter asked how long we'd like the table for and when we said only a couple of hours, he said he'd give us this one since the reservation on it didn't start until 10 PM.

And it couldn't have been a more perfect spot!

It was hard not to stop taking pictures as the light was so beautiful!

Looking back at these photos it almost looks like we're sitting in a painting, with the Acropolis as the subject!

We had an absolutely lovely dinner up here on the rooftop, eating some of the most delicious Greek food!

And dessert was this view as we finished!

The walk back to our hotel concluded a truly wonderful first day of our tour with these dear friends.

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