Saturday, June 1, 2019

Equipping JV Interns

This evening, Dave and I were up at the hotel for the first evening program at summer intern training!

We have 98 interns this summer, from North America, and from many of the countries where we have JV ministries. It's really extraordinary to sit in this room each year, looking out over these faith-filled college students who are giving up their summer to serve here. A summer like this changed my life 35 years ago; I pray it will do the same for them!

It's not intern training without evening program games! 

Caleb is leading worship this week with a team of JV staff and some of his interns who will serve with he and Haley in Albania this summer. What a privilege to praise God together with this whole intern group who likes to sing!!

Each evening a different national intern will be giving their testimony, so that the North American and UK interns get to hear the voice of those they'll be sharing their lives and the Gospel with this summer.

This is Emils from Latvia, who is serving on the International Fusion team this summer

Dave shared a bit of the history of camps, going back to our first one in 1994. This summer we'll be doing 130 camps across the region, adding to the 1500+ that we've done over the past 25 years!

Dave will be teaching the interns each evening over the next three days, on the Father Heart of God, a favorite topic of his!

We're all praying that this, along with all the other training they'll get over the next days, will equip and prepare them for God's work in and through them this summer.

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