Sunday, June 9, 2019

Life Gives the Curriculum

When our kids were ages three, five and seven, we started having family nights. It was one night every week where all the rest of life paused, and we just focused on our kids.

Those family nights lasted 16 years, until Claire left for college in 2013.

But now, they're back!

Although Claire has been living back in Czech since December 2017, we recently decided to start having regular family nights again with her, and oh how fun those are!

When the kids were little we played games, made crafts, memorized verses, sang, and told Bible stories. But when they became teenagers Dave coined the phrase, "Life gives the curriculum", which meant we took each week as it came and used its curriculum for discipling and shepherding them.

So that's our agenda for family nights again! And oh how sweet it's been to share life with Claire in that way. While we see each other all the time, family nights are specifically reserved for life's curriculum!

We've talked theology, our relationships with each other, about books we're reading, topics we're interested in...and so much more. I'm excited to see how we all continue to grow through these times together.

Thanks for still wanting to have family nights Claire! 

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