Friday, June 28, 2019

Entering Turkey

We finished our afternoon on the island of Kos, Greece and headed for the mainland of Turkey.

What I didn't expect was passport control at the ferry!

Because you can see across to the mainland, you forget that you're going from one country to the other.

Our group settled onto the ferry for the 45 minute ride across the sea to Bodrum, Turkey.

And just like that, we set foot on Turkey for the first time!

We've been in the Istanbul Airport a number of times, but that doesn't count as having been in Turkey. I'm so excited to explore this country!

Again we had to go through passport control on this side.

And in case you're an American thinking of coming to Turkey, you also need a visa to enter. Thankfully we took care of that weeks ago so were prepared!

Our destination for the night was two and half hours north of Bodrum, so along the way we stopped for dinner, all of us curious what our first dinner would be like in this country!

For a roadside restaurant, we were so pleasantly surprised by all the new tastes, including their version of meatballs!

Aydin, our guide, told us that most meals from now on will be finished with a cup of Turkish black tea so here's to the first one!

Goodnight from Selçuk, Turkey!

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