Saturday, June 8, 2019

Living the Life!

Seven years ago today, this happened!

Our dear Tyler and Lara were married in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Lara's hometown. How wonderful it's been watching them deepen in their love for each other all these years!

Today while they're celebrating their 7th anniversary, we got to have their two precious boys for the day.

And they are living their best life!

It couldn't have been a prettier day here - just right for snacks outside and turns with the hose!

This is what summer days are made for!

Some of the time, Papa was out working on our gopher holes (an ongoing battle!) and the little boys were only too happy to keep him company!

They loved turns on the tractor with Papa too!

Nonnie came through with the bubbles!

And lots of snuggles!

When Tyler and Lara married seven years ago I sure never expected to be living life with them here in Czech.


Love you Tyler, Lara, Judah and Asher!!

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