Monday, June 17, 2019

Grand Rapids

Dave arrived safely from Europe last night, landing in Grand Rapids, Michigan to meet up with me.

Every two years we come here to a foundation located here, who invests in our ministry. We love to share stories with them of God's work among the youth of central and eastern Europe!

They are one of the ways that God has provided for some of our big projects to move forward, such as the development and printing of new training materials which happened this past year.

This foundation is so Christ-centered, working with hundreds of organizations around the world to help the Gospel go forward.

We always leave so inspired by some of the stories they tell us about what others are doing around the world to advance God's Kingdom. It's a privilege to partner with them in getting the Good News of Jesus out in our part of the world!

With about an hour before needing to go back to the airport, we enjoyed coffee downtown at Madcap. If you're ever in Grand Rapids, and like superb coffee, go hang out there!

It's so good to be back together with Dave. I sure like doing life with him!

We're headed out to Chicago from here, where Dave will have a JV board meeting in a few days. 

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