Sunday, June 16, 2019

Sacrificial Love

My mom and dad were up early this morning with me, kindly and sacrificially taking me to the airport at 5:30 AM.

They have always been so helpful and supportive, standing in love and prayers with me and my family as we've lived away from them for all of my adult life. I know it's not been easy to have us live across an ocean; but my whole life they have been people who choose joy no matter what, and who have blessed me into the life that God had for me. For that I am so very thankful!

As I flew out from Eugene, headed to my next destination, I thought how kind my heavenly Father was to give me these parents here on earth!

I settled in for a long flight after my goodbye with them. The views were spectacular as I flew from Oregon across the United States.

And I landed safely in Michigan where I'm now waiting for Dave to arrive from Czech in a few hours!

He's been in Prague, Berlin, Germany and Kristiansand, Norway since we last saw each other a week ago. No doubt there will be much to catch up on when he arrives!

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