Saturday, June 29, 2019

Afternoon Break

After experiencing the amazing ancient ruins of Ephesus this morning, we were ready for a break and lunch in Selçuk.

But first, a walk through the marketplace!

I'm not an expert in tomatoes, but I think these are pretty good looking ones! I said to someone that I was walking with, "What I'd give to come do my fruits and vegetable shopping in this market!!"

Our wonderful Turkish guide, Aydin, led us to this restaurant run by friends of his.

He's been guiding for 25 years and has made friends everywhere in the process! We were the ones to benefit from his expertise knowledge as he explained what was on the "menu" at his friend's place!

Starting with appetizers of vegetables of all different sorts, we could have been satisfied with just that for lunch!

But, for me, the best was still to come! My very favorite: lamb shish kebab!!

If I'd had room in my stomach, I would have had another round of what was on that plate! 🤣

But I settled for another walk around the market, totally satisfied with my favorite lunch so far!

There was SO much to be seen and experienced in this market. But for me, I could do all of it just with my eyes.

Plus, when the sign says, "Genuine fake watches", it didn't make me want to buy anything! HAHA!

Next time around though, I just might have to buy a fresh lemon to stash away for some good lemonade!

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