Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Date with Charlie

Tonight is the final evening program up at Malenovice for this year's intern training. Since Caleb is up there with the four interns who will be doing life and ministry with he and Haley in Albania this summer, I offered to take Charlie this evening so that Haley could go up to be there with them.

That was a win-win situation for all of us!

Charlie and I headed to McDonalds because 1) I still like it after all these years 😁 and 2) because I love making memories with our grandchildren when I can!

The best part about it for Charlie? The book that came in his Happy Meal!  😂

He did like the fries with ketchup too!

Afterward we wandered over to the mall nearby and went to visit the toy store.

What I love about Charlie these days is how inquisitive and captivated he is by all sorts of things!

He loved telling me all the animal sounds as we parked ourselves in that section of the toy store for quite a while!

He love pushing this cart around too!

But he is also such a content little boy and doesn't need anything more than just the experience of being places. We left with nothing but the memory of our Nonnie-Charlie date tonight, happy and contented for just having been together.

And came home to beloved Curious George waiting for us on the swing!

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