Friday, June 21, 2019

Behind the Scenes

Three times a year the Josiah Venture board of directors meets in the States to provide oversight for the ministry.

Every one of these men are committed followers of Jesus, and they love, care, support and stand with Dave and his executive team as they lead the ministry (they love the JV team too!).

When we became our own organization in January 2002, the first JV board was formed, which included a very dear friend of ours that we'd gone to church with during Dave's year of grad school at Wheaton College.

Frank has been an integral and key part of the ministry ever since, serving on this board now for 18 years. That's an incredible commitment to us and to the Lord!

Dave and the exec team honored him and his wife today, with a special commemorative book that's "one of a kind", made just for them!

We are infinitely grateful for his faithfulness to stand with us in so many ways, and for our entire board and their commitment to provide godly wisdom and help in shepherding JV.

There are so many who are behind the scenes of JV, doing innumerable jobs to make sure we can do what God's called us to do on the mission field. One of those is Sarah who mans the JV USA office!

Amy and I stopped in to see her while the board meeting continued (you can kind of see them in the room that's just through the open door!).

How we love all of our JV people, importantly including the board and our USA team!!

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