Saturday, June 1, 2019

Feels like Summer

After being gone for four days at the JV Amazing Race for our summer interns, it was so nice to come back home last night, not just to Dave, but to Tyler, Judah and Asher!

Lara is on a women's overnight retreat with their church, so Tyler brought the boys and spent the night last night so they could work in the garden, play in the yard, and have some Nonnie time since I've been gone!

We all decided today was a good day for planting summer flowers in our pots, so Tyler, the boys and I got in the car and drove to my favorite spot for flowers.

What fun to let the boys pick out their favorites to put in Nonnie's pots!

Judah wanted something purple; Asher wanted blue. And Aunt Claire, who was also at our house last night and today, said she'd like something yellow! With so many choices, it wasn't hard to find what we wanted!

Notice Judah has brought his own watering can, just in case he might need it!

What a nice change of pace after days of hurrying here and there. Loved just riding in the with these guys!

I was too busy planting the flowers with the boys so missed taking pictures of that. But here's a bit of our results!

The blue and yellow flowers are in other pots, and it all makes summer feel like it's here! I was glad to have my helpers get that little project done today,

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