Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Beautiful Morning

Good Morning Charlie!

We get to have Haley and Charlie here at our house for a few days while JV intern training is happening up at the hotel (Caleb is there with his summer interns).

Seeing Charlie toddle out into the grass this morning, barefoot and fancy free, made my morning!

His sweet little face, so full of expressions is just too adorable.

Haley, Charlie and I sat out on the swing enjoying the warm morning air, and trying out some bubbles that I'd bought for Charlie's early birthday party yesterday. There's nothing like some simple bubbles to bring out the smiles in kids!

Another delight for Charlie this morning was getting acquainted with Curious George.

We've had it at our house for 22 years because it first belonged to his daddy!

Now George is going to make his way to Albania to live with Charlie there. I think they'll be pals. 😉

And isn't his mommy so pretty??!!! 😍

I had to leave in time to make it up to intern training by 11 so had to say "See you later" to these two even though I would have loved to continue hanging out with them!

But up at the hotel this morning, separate girl's and guy's sessions were taking place at intern training.

It's something they've done for the past few years, and seen much fruit come from it. After several staff give testimonies about particularly pertinent topics, time is given for them to pray alone or with staff members.

It was my joy and honor to be there to intercede for these important hours in the lives of our interns.

I heard later on that it was a very significant time for many of the interns as they spent time in prayer.

Our prayer is that as they experience greater freedom in their walks with God, that it will result in the maturing of their faith, and in fruitfulness for God's kingdom this summer.

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