Friday, June 14, 2019

Family Day

What a perfectly beautiful Oregon morning to wake up to with my family here in Eugene!

My brother, Mike, took the day off from work so he could hang with us on this family day...

And my mom made her awesomely famous (in our family!) shrimp salad for lunch on this sweet family day.

And what's better on a family day than fresh maple bars for me and my dad after lunch?! 😂

It was so great spending the afternoon here at my mom and dad's dining table, talking, laughing, and remembering special memories like the time my dad made almost a hundred candle holders for Caleb and Haley's wedding back in 2014!

My mom's amazing Thanksgiving meal (thanks Mom for making it for me!) finished out the day here. She seriously makes the best stuffing, a taste of my childhood that brings back all kinds of warm memories.

A day of just getting to be in their home, enjoying time together is the best kind of family day!

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