Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Answered Prayer

This afternoon I dropped our little Kaylee off at a friend's home. She is a wonderful answer to prayer! 

While Kaylee hangs out with her, Dave and I are off to the States; but first, a drive to Prague.

I read that the construction won't be finished until 2021 😩

It's been a while since we've driven the D1 highway from Ostrava to Prague. And now I know why we prefer to take the train: there is SO MUCH CONSTRUCTION! The lanes are so very narrow, and it takes a lot of concentration to stay in your lane, especially with lots of trucks on the road with you.

Glad Dave was driving!

We're bringing back things for other people when we return in three weeks, so needed our car in Prague to get it all home. I'll hope for a train ride back next time!

After lots of beautiful sunny skies the past few weeks, today the gloom of June returned. But Prague always sparkles no matter what the weather.

See you from the "other side" when I write again!

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