Friday, June 22, 2018

Behind the Scenes

Today a group of faithful and faith-filled men gathered in this room.

This is the board room at the offices for Josiah Venture in Wheaton, Illinois. Our board members were here today for one of three meetings that they come to throughout the year as they provide oversight for our ministry.

When we became a self-standing mission organization in 2002, God brought together a group of godly men who have been watching over us, in the very best sense of the word, since then. We value their wisdom, advice, encouragement and leadership so much, and the fact that in the middle of their own busy lives, they give us their time, attention, thoughts and prayer.

A picture of our team hangs just outside the board room, faces of people that they pray for and care about. I know each of these men personally and know that they are constantly thinking about us as a team, and that means the world to us!

Just down the hallway from the board room is our JV USA office where two of our most valuable team members work! They provide constant support to us, not to mention their deep care for us as well.

I was so busy interacting with all of them today that I forgot to take any pictures while I was with them.

But today I just want to honor these beloved people who serve in the background, doing immense amounts of work to make it possible for us and our team to be in Central and Eastern Europe sharing the Gospel, discipling young people, and training up leaders to carry who can carry on the work of raising up a new generation of believers in our part of the world!

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