Saturday, June 16, 2018

Blessings upon Blessings

After a beautiful wedding celebration for our friends' children, we had to be up bright and early this morning in order to make it to Denver Airport in time to catch a flight.

Unfortunately, we thought we were leaving Colorado without Dave's phone. 

When we got home from the wedding last night, it was missing. He drove all the way back to the wedding venue, big heavy-duty flashlight in tow, hoping to find it. But it wasn't there.

Having an early breakfast with our dear friend, Linda (who hosted us with her husband the past few days in Fort Collins), we talked about how strange it was that it had disappeared as Dave remembered having it with him the whole time of the wedding.

We hugged Linda goodbye, saying we'd let her know if we heard anything more about it, and drove off towards Denver.

Ten minutes down the road my phone rang. It was Linda,

"I think I found Dave's phone!" she exclaimed. "I'll drive and meet you half way to give it to you."

So we turned around and met up in a parking lot, greeted by Linda's happy face and one missing phone.

Where was it?

Down in a crevice of a recliner at her house! When we left she "happened" to hear a "pinging" noise and followed the sound. Sure enough, somehow the phone had gotten wedged deep down in the side of the chair. We have no idea how, nor any idea how it was "pinging" because it was out of battery. Dave must have had it in his pocket when we returned last night, and it must have slipped out though he has no idea how.

What we can say for sure is this is God's mercy and blessing to Dave! It was such a relief to get it back, especially since we were headed on to Texas today.

This evening we met in the home of one of our JV board members, Dave Jamerson, who is planting a church in the Austin area called "Renovate".

We met with some of their leadership team to share our story of beginning Josiah Venture. Since they are in the early stages of their development, Dave wove principles in about things that might be of help to them as they press into new spiritual territory in this part of the country.

It was not only a delightful evening with them, but we got to see some of our JV missionaries who are in the process of raising support to come to Czech soon!

Geoff and Martina Hammond live in the Austin area, but have a heart for Czech because Martina grew up there, and Jeff taught school there many years ago!

We are delighted that they'll soon be joining our team to share their lives and the Gospel with young people in the country we all love so much.

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