Friday, June 15, 2018

Henckel Wedding Day!

Wedding day for Hayley and Austin is here!!

We arrived to the wedding venue just as family pictures were finishing up. I'm glad I made it in time to at least capture the Ellenwood side of the family!

First look for Hayley and Austin had taken place earlier in the day, along with family and bridal party photos.

Amy, mother of the bride, radiated with joy and delight over the goodness of this day, her precious daughter's wedding.

As the wedding party went to get in place, the guests took theirs outside under the sunny Colorado skies, where not fifteen minutes before there had been a huge thunderstorm, complete with buckets of rain!

Thankfully this is Colorado, where you only have to wait a few minutes before the weather changes.

This outdoor wedding venue set such a beautiful atmosphere for a very happy wedding day.

At 3 PM, Austin ushered his mom, Leslie, down the aisle, with his dad, Randy, close behind.

Amy came down with Noah, glowing with such a beautiful radiance! I know her heart was full of deep joy for God's goodness in bringing Hayley such a wonderful man to be her husband.

Sweet little cousins came in after the bridal party had taken their seats, just before the moment we'd all been waiting for.

The glorious bride, Hayley!!!

Oh to see her on the arm of her dad, our dear friend, Mel, glowing as only a bride does!

After answering the question, "Who gives this woman to be married to this man," Mel replied, "Her mother and I," and placed Hayley's hand into Austin's. What a sacred moment!

As Hayley and Austin stepped up into the gazebo, Mel followed to deliver the wedding message to them.

If you noticed Hannah, above, dabbing her eyes during her dad's message to her sister and soon to be husband, you can imagine that it was a preciously emotional message full of heart, love and the Spirit of the Lord. He encouraged them to keep three things in mind: To be kind, forgiving, and considerate to each other.

To make it easy to remember, he gave them (and all of us!) a simple way keep that profound wisdom tucked away as a reminder of God's truth: remember three letters made famous by a place you pass by in nearly every town in America: KFC...Kind, Forgiving, Considerate. I like those words better than what we previously knew them to stand for!

Mel ended by praying for them, finishing with the words, "Father, when people talk about the Henckel's, let them talk about the love of Jesus displayed through them." What a beautiful prayer, one that we all join him in praying for these two dear ones.

Pastor Brad Jensen, from Faith Evangelical Free Church where Hayley and Austin attend, led the rest of the ceremony, leading them in their vows and the giving of rings.

As they braided three cords together, to symbolize their commitment to being in their marriage with the Lord, Hannah and Noah sang gloriously about being one with Christ.

After the braiding was complete, Leslie and Randy, Mel and Amy joined them in the gazebo for a few minutes of prayer together while Hannah and Noah's voices lifted musical prayers over all of them.

And then, after being pronounced husband and wife, Austin was given permission to kiss his bride!

I love the looks on their faces as they came down the aisle! Happy triumph at becoming Mr and Mrs Austin Henckel!

Husband and wife came back down the aisle to release the guests, giving them an opportunity to personally greet each person who'd come. I loved this moment of Hayley's Nana (Amy's mom) loving on her granddaughter.

When it was our turn to be released, I was ready. "This one's for the blog," I told them!

Thanks for indulging Aunt Connie, Austin and Hayley! 

While they greeted their guests, Dave and I got a few minutes with the parents of the bride, our dear friends, Mel and Amy. What an amazing young woman they've raised!

The reception was held inside, just a few steps away from where the wedding had taken place. Look at the happy couple coming in as the Henckel's!

Toasts were given by the father of the groom, the best man and maid of honor, and by the mother of the bride. I could hardly take this picture as tears streamed down my face listening to my friend's loving words to her daughter and now, son-in-law. So much love in this room!

After a yummy dinner, Austin and Hayley took to the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife.

They are amazing swing dancers so it was delightful to watch them tenderly dance together, already in sync as they begin their lives together.

Hayley had a sweet dance with her dad afterward...

And Austin danced with his mom in such a loving, tender way too. These two love their moms and dads, and aren't afraid to show it!

The evening went by too quickly, as happens with all weddings, as we celebrated the joining together of Austin and Hayley.

All too soon it was 9 PM, and time for them to go.

While it doesn't look like it's 9 PM here, it is!

Tucked away in the car, just the two of them, they waved goodbye to all of us, and to the life they've lived separately up until now.

From this point forward, they will live their lives as one: Austin and Hayley, Mr and Mrs Henckel, husband and wife.

"Dearest Austin and Hayley, 
We all wish you God's richest, deepest and most tender blessing over your marriage, 
every day, every year, 
forever and ever. 

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