Monday, June 11, 2018

Asher is One!

Somebody is having his first birthday!!!

While Asher's actual birth date is tomorrow, June 12th, today was party day at Tyler and Lara's home in Ostrava.

They invited lots of friends to celebrate this special occasion!

There are five kid friends in the picture, but another three are here too!

After lots of yummy treats that Lara prepared for everyone, it was time for Asher's cake.

Lara made oh so delicious chocolate cupcakes (gluten and dairy free!) for the birthday boy.

It took him a few minutes to realize he could dig in.

But once he figured it out, we had the perfect one-year-old-messy-cake-eating photo!

Isn't that the cutest birthday shirt? It was a hand-me-down (you only wear it once!) from one of the kids at the party!

Oh how good that cupcake was, even finding its way to other places besides his mouth! 😂

Of course it's not a party without some presents, and there were big kids there to enjoy that part on Asher's behalf since he was still figuring out what all the excitement was about!

Judah was such a kind big brother today, enjoying his brother's birthday celebration with great joy and interest in all the people, presents and play.

After two glorious hours of celebrating with friends and family, the birthday boy was cleaned up and tucked into Papa's arms.

And we headed out for a warm summer evening walk through Ostrava, on to the mall for a family dinner celebration.

Asher, you're too little to read this but maybe someday you'll see it and know we were all so glad to celebrate you today! You are so precious to us, with your happy grins, delightful curiosity, and tender spirit. We are thankful for the Lord's gift in bringing you into this world, and into our family! 

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  1. I LOVE this celebration story of Asher's life. And that first picture of both boys looking at mom and dad individually is priceless. Great photographer. And the last one of Asher's foot sticking up in the stroller was so cute too. I'm celebrating your kids and grandkids with you too, Nonnie! God is so faithful and GOOD!