Sunday, June 17, 2018

Best Burgers in Austin

Dave preached this morning at a church on the outskirts of Austin, TX, speaking on a topic dear to his heart on this Father's Day: God the Father!

As always, it touches people's hearts as he teaches on the four things that God's Father heart desires to give us: identity, love, pleasure and place. Haven't read his book on this topic yet? You can get it HERE!

After church, we went with our friends to get lunch. Little did I know what a treat we'd be in for!

First of all, if by some chance I had to live on just one type of food, it would be a burger! Of course I wouldn't want the same one every time, so I guess it wouldn't be just one food since I like the variety getting a burger with different things on it.

Today I may have encountered the best burger selection yet here at Moonie's in Cedar Park, Texas!

I looked it up (of course I did...I love to research things!) and found it's been in business for 12 years, and is named after Grandma Moonie. I don't know who she is, but her inspiration for a good burger place paid off!

I ordered the "Farmer Val" a lamb burger with grilled onions, goat cheese and an aioli sauce made of garlic, rosemary and lemon zest, all on a bed of lettuce with sweet potato fries. Pure bliss! This is seriously the best burger I've ever had...not kidding. I'll be comparing all other burgers to this one until I come back sometime!

It was delightful to be here with our friends, Dave and April Jamerson. Dave is a former NBA player, who was a mission's pastor at a church in Indianapolis when we met him years ago. Now a church planter here in Austin, he also serves on the JV board.

After saying goodbye to them, I dropped Dave off at the Austin airport.

When we booked our tickets months ago, we thought we had a meeting in San Antonio tonight so had booked our flights in and out of there. But that meeting fell through, and we ended up changing his ticket to fly out of Austin.

So we said goodbye for now, and I headed back to San Antonio to fly back to Denver for a few days, while he heads towards Chicago for JV board meetings later this week.

We'll reunite on Wednesday night! Glad I got to spend Father's Day with him, the very best dad ever to Tyler, Caleb and Claire!

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