Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Good Kid Ideas

After this powerful week of walking alongside our JV summer interns who just completed their training and headed out across Europe today, it was nice to do something a little different and go visit a friend and some of her kids (two are in school, two are at home).

I didn't take any pictures of them (wish I had Lisa!), but what I DID take pictures of were awesome ideas of games that she has collected for her kids.

Now that I have grandkids, I'm in a new zone of thinking about ways to invest in them, and good toys and games to have on hand for when they come over.

These two games, done by Orchard Toys, are SO neat! They are usable not just as games, but as activities for younger ones (I know because I watched her almost three year old have a ball just setting it all up, not even playing the game!).

Last summer I saw grandparents and grandkids at a restaurant in the States playing this game. It looked so fun that I asked them if I could take a picture of it. But because I didn't blog about it, or keep the picture, I didn't remember it. I'm glad Lisa had it at her house!

When our kids were grade school ages, this was a fun game. But again, I'd forgotten about it so am reminding myself (and anyone else who needs ideas) that this is a good one!

Lisa's in-laws gave her oldest son a three month subscription to a company that sent this as one of their amazing projects.

The Kiwi Company says their goal is is to inspire kids to see themselves as scientists, artists, creators, and makers. I love that! It's so important to let kids experience all sorts of activities to find out who God uniquely created them to be. I'll definitely be checking them out for my grandkids!

And finally, Lisa had this on her door.

What a smart idea to have out in the open, handy just in case of emergency.

"Thanks for coffee, conversation, good ideas and a sweet morning Lisa!"

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  1. I loved having some time with you! It was especially encouraging in regards to parenting Owen. Thanks for spending the morning with us. :)