Sunday, June 24, 2018

Gull Lake Highlights

Number one highlight of our first full day at Gull Lake?

Listening to Caleb speak this morning, sharing an intro about himself, Haley and Charlie, and what is ahead of them as they prepare to move to Albania to serve with Josiah Venture!

I remember watching him on this very stage six years ago, leading worship for Gull Lake as he served on staff there. And now he's on this stage again, sharing about the path God has led him and his family on. Such joy in this mama's heart to hear him speak! I'm looking forward to more throughout the week.

Next highlight of the day? Dave beginning his week of teaching here! Any ideas about his topic?

"Shephology" - the art and practice of following the shepherd.

We get to go through Psalm 23 with him! He taught this to our JV team last year, and I've been so excited to get to go through it again.

Another highlight of the day was beginning to connect with dear friends that we've made over the years that we've been here. I've known this young woman since she was a junior higher! Later she served on Gull Lake staff, and now works full time in the area.

It's also a highlight watching Caleb and Haley connect with people that they knew when they served here on summer staff. Some of those people are now permanent staff, and others are kids of the directors who have grown up here who are now old enough to be on summer staff, like "Turbo Tax"!

Every summer staff member gets a camp name chosen for them by the other staff after they've heard stories about them as they try to pick something that reflects an aspect of who they are - it's a fun tradition!
Caleb was "Czechy Cheese" when he served here!

Of course it's a HUGE highlight to be with Charlie each day that we're here!

And finally, another precious highlight of the day was spending time with a dear young woman that we've invested in over the years that we've been coming to Gull Lake.

All of these highlights lead me into worship of our awesome, good, kind, tender and fiercely loving Shepherd. It's so wonderful being led and cared for by him here at Gull Lake this week.

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