Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Theme Nights

Greetings from Gull Lake Ministries, "South of the Border" theme night!

When we first came to Gull Lake ten years ago, we had no idea about their famous theme nights. It was probably somewhere in the handbook we received ahead of time, but being unfamiliar with this family camp, we didn't know to "read the fine print". So all week we watched people roll out costumes on four different nights during the week.

Fast forward to ten years later and we're on it!

I'm saying "Olé! And I think Dave is practicing riding a horse!

When we come to dinner on these four different theme nights, the dining area is transformed into whatever the theme is for the night. In this case, it was everything having to do with "south of the border"!

A funny skit on how to make the perfect taco!

Charlie was absolutely mesmerized by the show and games. His usual smily face was replaced by stern concentration as his brain tried to assimilate and concentrate on all the fun and hilarity!

"Chito Bandito's" arrival brought the house down!

We appreciate Gull Lake's incredible attention to creating such a fun, meaningful, family friendly atmosphere all day, every day here at family camp!

And to "top it off" (pun intended), my little friend, Kate and I had the same hats for "south of the border" theme night

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  1. What a delight to have your family at Gull Lake this year. I thoroughly enjoyed the teaching and the presentation of Josiah Venture. Thank you Patty family for being genuine and allowing the Lord to use you for our growth in Christ. My regret is that I didn't meet you personally. This was one of my most favorite times of teaching. Mary Hayes