Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Caleb, Haley and Charlie

The Lord is so kind to let us be here at Gull Lake Ministries with Caleb, Haley and Charlie this week.

In the four years since they married, they've lived in Chicago and Fort Collins, Colorado, which means infrequent visits here and there for all of us since we live in Czech.

How I've loved being with them, talking every day, and sharing day to day life. And it's been absolute joy watching them be up front, sharing about how God's led them to serve in Albania with Josiah Venture.

They have done such a winsome and beautiful job of being the missionary guests this week.

It was also wonderful hearing Caleb join the worship team (he was the worship leader here at Gull Lake for two summers in 2012 and 2013) for an "En Gedi" late night worship for staff and campers.

Practicing ahead of time

And of course it's so sweet to watch them in person, parenting and loving dear Charlie!

He turned ten months old two days ago (on the 25th), so we even got to be in on one of those occasions of his life!

Charlie is full of spunk and joy, entertaining us throughout each day. He has so much personality, and it's coming out more and more as the days go by!

When we say goodbye to them on Friday, it's likely we won't see Haley and Charlie until December (though will hopefully see Caleb at our JV Fall Conference in September).

So I'm taking lots of pictures and capturing these moments of who Charlie is, and the joy of being with Caleb and Haley for days on end.

Caleb and Haley have just a little bit more of support raising to finish, with their prayer being that it will be done by August 1st.

They leave then from Colorado to head for North Carolina where they will be at an intense missionary training for the whole month of August. Charlie will celebrate his first birthday there!

Lord willing, they'll return to Colorado for just a few days in September to say good-bye to their church and friends in Fort Collins before heading to Vlore, Albania where they'll begin their missionary life.

They have a lot of joyful excitement, but challenging transition ahead of them in the next few months. So pray for them, please!

"Caleb, Haley and Charlie, I am so proud of you for your joyful obedience to the Lord, for the ways you are entrusting yourselves to him and for giving your all for the sake of the Gospel going forward in Albania. I am so excited to see what God does in and through you and your team in the coming years, and believe there will be a new generation of young Josiahs who will be part of transforming Albania  for the glory of God, and who will become a whole generation who make disciples who make disciples! Love you all so much!!"

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  1. SO love everything about this. I love that God gave you such a rich week together as these 3 prepare for the next chapter.