Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Flying Together

We left dark and rainy Prague this morning, headed to the States for a myriad of reasons, beginning with one very special event.

I still enjoy getting on a flight after so many years of travels, especially when I get to fly with my Dave! The excitement of what's ahead on each trip keeps airplane rides not only bearable, but even enjoyable.

We landed in Frankfurt (I wonder how many times I've flown through here over the past 34 years?!) and headed directly to our gate since we had a very short layover before the next flight.

With time ticking before we had to board, I was watching carefully, hoping I'd see someone.

And with just minutes to spare, I did!

Claire had to fly from Vienna this morning, but we'd coordinated our tickets so that we'd get to fly across the ocean together!

Ten hours later we landed in warm and sunny Colorado.

We are here for the wedding of Claire's long-time and childhood best friend, Hayley Ellenwood!

Claire jumped right into festivities as we dropped her off at the bachelorette party.

Our friend and JV teammate, Brooke Stevens who serves in Slovenia, saw Claire and came out to take her suitcase to her car as Claire will be staying with Hayley the next two nights before her wedding to Austin Henckel on Friday.

We're all very excited to be here to share in and celebrate this very special event!

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